November 1907
On the second of November 1907, a cinema was opened in these premises with an entrance at Lantmätargränd 2. The cinema was called "Jönköpings new cinema" but came to be called "number 19" or "nineteen" do to the adress they choose insted wich was Östra Storgatan 19.
The history
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The spirit bible
Our "Cellar Master" Skotte has had spirits as his main interest for over two decades. Everything from origin, history, rules, raw material, harvest, extraction, fermentation, distillation, storage and bottling to popping the cork, smelling, tasting, touching, shaking and enjoying at its best. imaginable ways.

"It has been a blessing to be able to travel the world to meet producers, experience the passion, understand the heritage, take in the culture and to learn enough to be able to pass it on to like-minded people as well as to the new the generation" // Stefan Skotte
The spirit bible